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Deposit friendly decorations for your home 15 March 2024

When you rent a property, it can be particularly challenging to make four walls feel like your home. Looking for options and inspiration on how to decorate your property without risking your deposit? Look no further, we are here to help you discover ways you can allow your personality to shine in every room of your property.... Read More

How to turn a property into your home? 11 March 2024

Do you feel that immediate sense of comfort when you walk through your front door?

Does your property truly feel like yours?

Adding personalised touches to your property, big or small, can make an impressive impact on the way a property feels.... Read More

Private landlord vs letting agent 04 March 2024

When deciding whether you"re going to use a letting agent as a tenant or a landlord, it shouldn"t be a difficult decision. It"s estimated that only 20% of all homes in England are privately rented.* This shows how many tenants and landlords choose to use and work with letting agents.... Read More

Your guide to first-time buyer schemes 26 February 2024

It can be challenging to get started as a first-time buyer, but fortunately, there are a number of schemes available that can assist you with the process and help you get on the property ladder. Let"s take a look at five different schemes available to first-time buyers, the main advantages of each of them, and which of them you could be eligible for.... Read More

Why catchment areas matter 19 February 2024

There are many factors that can have an impact on the value of a property, but one that people often overlook is whether or not it is located within a school catchment area. Let"s take a look at what school catchment areas are, how they affect property value, and how you can benefit from them.... Read More

Why you shouldn`t write your own tenancy agreement. 12 February 2024

In today"s technology-driven world, many landlords might ask the question: Why should I use a letting agent when a search engine can write my tenancy agreements for free?

While it might be tempting to construct your own tenancy agreements using an online template or to simply ask an AI engine to do it, there are several key reasons why this is not a suitable option for modern landlords.... Read More

Top tips to fall in love with your home all over again 05 February 2024

Love is in the air at this time of year. Although you may still love your home, ask yourself, Are you ‘in love" with it? If the answer is no, here are some ideas to bring back those special feelings. Or is it time to move on by finding a property you adore?

Seek inspiration
Your friends, family, magazines, online articles, and favourite home improvement TV shows are all fantastic sources of inspiration.... Read More

How to be a top tenant 29 January 2024

House sharing is a good solution to finding your independence at more affordable levels. But if the idea conjures up memories of your student days when the sink was always full or you couldn"t sleep because of a house party, then think again. Things have moved on.... Read More

10 questions you should ask your agent 22 January 2024

The property market is a fast-paced and confusing world, so you"ll need a good agent on your side to help you navigate its complexities. Finding the right agent is crucial to the outcome of your sale, so to ensure that you make an informed decision, it"s important to ask all the right questions.... Read More

New year, new home, new beginning? 15 January 2024

Here we go again! Another new year, another chance to find everything you are looking for in a property. Could 2024 be the year that you have all the right questions answered with a lovely new home?

A new year
With visions of a better year ahead for 2024 popping into your head, you are forgiven for feeling excited about moving.... Read More

Colour schemes to chase away the January Blues 08 January 2024

As the festive season fades away and the winter chill sets in, January can often bring a sense of gloominess. But if your New Year"s resolution is to attract a buyer, one of the best ways to inject some brightness into your living space is with a punchy, cohesive colour scheme.... Read More

Try before you buy: why renting could be a good first step 01 January 2024

The journey to your ideal home is often not a short one, and if you"re contemplating taking the plunge into homeownership, you may consider renting first to test the waters. Renting provides the unique opportunity to ‘try before you buy" and comes with a range of benefits that might just make it the perfect first move.... Read More