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Ways your home can earn its keep 27 May 2024

One of the joys of owning property is the doors of opportunity it can open. Even if you have no intention of renting out your property, there are lots of things you can do to make a bit of money from it. So here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Get a lodger
Taking in a lodger is a quick way to get some extra cash to pay those bills.... Read More

How can you accelerate your mortgage? 20 May 2024

When diving deep into the world of property, it can sometimes feel hard to resurface. Constantly making payments month after month can become exhausting and may seem never-ending, but paying off your mortgage can truly be accomplished quicker than you assume.... Read More

Summer is on its way! Add value to your home with the perfect outdoor living space! 13 May 2024

Summer is not all about the garden, although for most homeowners in the UK, it"s hugely important. The garden is as important—and for many, more important—than any room in the house. Outdoor living spaces are right up there in the ranks of what makes an amazing home.... Read More

How to make your property family-friendly 06 May 2024

When renting out a property, it can sometimes be challenging to discover a home suitable for families with younger children. We want to ensure being a family while renting doesn"t limit your options, so as a landlord or tenant, child-proofing your property is a super important element when creating a family-friendly home.... Read More

Does my EPC rating add value to my home 22 April 2024

When selling your home, you want to make the most out of its value. Whether that is by creating kerb appeal or renovating the bathrooms, there are plenty of ways to increase your property"s price. An Energy Performance Certificate could add value to your home, and understanding the significance of an EPC rating is crucial.... Read More

What happens after you`ve accepted an offer? 15 April 2024

Accepting an offer on your home might feel like the final stage of your sale, when in reality, it"s just the beginning. Once you"ve chosen a buyer for your home and agreed on a price, the conveyancing process can commence. It"s important to know exactly what to expect so that you can prepare for the challenges ahead.... Read More

10 Types of mortgage explained 08 April 2024

When getting involved in the property market, there are many technical parts to buying a home. Mortgages can be one of the most complicated steps.

What is a mortgage?
A mortgage is a legal loan agreement between a borrower and a lender for an agreed-upon amount of money.... Read More

Here`s your rental market update 01 April 2024

The UK rental market is thriving and has a lot going on. The good news is that it seems to be calming. This promises a better future for tenants and landlords. However, a good agent will help you find what you are looking for, whether you are investing or looking for a nice home to live in.... Read More

Deposit friendly decorations for your home 18 March 2024

When you rent a property, it can be particularly challenging to make four walls feel like your home. Looking for options and inspiration on how to decorate your property without risking your deposit? Look no further, we are here to help you discover ways you can allow your personality to shine in every room of your property.... Read More

How to turn a property into your home? 11 March 2024

Do you feel that immediate sense of comfort when you walk through your front door?

Does your property truly feel like yours?

Adding personalised touches to your property, big or small, can make an impressive impact on the way a property feels.... Read More

Private landlord vs letting agent 04 March 2024

When deciding whether you"re going to use a letting agent as a tenant or a landlord, it shouldn"t be a difficult decision. It"s estimated that only 20% of all homes in England are privately rented.* This shows how many tenants and landlords choose to use and work with letting agents.... Read More

Your guide to first-time buyer schemes 26 February 2024

It can be challenging to get started as a first-time buyer, but fortunately, there are a number of schemes available that can assist you with the process and help you get on the property ladder. Let"s take a look at five different schemes available to first-time buyers, the main advantages of each of them, and which of them you could be eligible for.... Read More