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Hemel Hempstead bucks the Trend 14 March 2018

Nick Churton of David Doyle"s London Office in the heart of the West End identifies why it doesn"t take a local - or a genius - to understand why Hemel Hempstead is bucking the national trend in the property market. While other areas in the country, including many in the south east, are experiencing low activity levels, Hemel Hempstead is experiencing a mini boom.... Read More


DAVID DOYLE of DAVID DOYLE ESTATE AGENTS looks at how important making the right choice of agent is when planning your next property move. Markets are forever in flux. That is their nature. So our handling of them must be flexible too. In the stock market we can buy, hold or sell depending on conditions.... Read More

Area in the spotlight – Hemel Hempstead 10 February 2017

Continuing with our look at different areas around the region; this week we are looking at the area of Hemel Hempstead itself. Although there are many different sections of Hemel Hempstead – almost mini villages, such as Boxmoor, Adeyfield, Chaulden and so on.... Read More

Getting your garden ready for a spring house sale 03 February 2017

Although the most important thing that people are looking for when they view your property will undoubtedly be the house itself – another very important feature of your property sale, is the garden and outside space. For some people, outside space is important for keeping their cars, or caravans, and a driveway or garage is essential, whereas for others, who perhaps only have one vehicle; off-road parking is not one of their "must have" items.... Read More

Area in the spotlight – Kings Langley 27 January 2017

Continuing in our series of areas "in the spotlight" – this week we are taking a closer look at the Hemel Hempstead village of Kings Langley. Just 21 miles outside of central London, lies the Hertfordshire village of Kings Langley. Two miles outside of Hemel Hempstead, it was once the location of "Kings Langley Palace" – a royal palace of the Plantaganet Kings of England.... Read More

Preparing your home for sale - handy hints and tips 20 January 2017

When most people bring their house to the market, they will have been considering it for some time. We often speak to clients who have given their home a complete de-clutter, and sometimes they"ve even redecorated, or put down new carpets in order to really make the most of their home.... Read More

Area in the spotlight – Bovingdon – what makes it special? 13 January 2017

Continuing in our series of areas "in the spotlight" – this week we are taking a closer look at the Hemel Hempstead village of Bovingdon. With similar house prices to Boxmoor, it"s hardly surprising that Bovingdon is one of the most sought after areas in the region.... Read More

Area in the spotlight – Boxmoor – what makes it special? 05 January 2017

It would be lovely to think that everyone likes living where they live. It would be very idealistic to think that we all lived in communities which perfectly fitted who we were as people. Unfortunately, for many people this isn"t the case – and regardless of how hard local councils and community groups work, it proves impossible to bring people together.... Read More

PROPERTY MARKET PREVIEW 2017 04 January 2017

David Robertson of David Doyle gazes into the property market crystal ball for 2017. The national press is fond of repeating what some estate agency firms have to say about the luxury market – especially in central London. This seems to suggest that it is an important part of the property market.... Read More

Why is it a good idea to put your house on the market over Christmas/New Year? 29 November 2016

For many years it has been commonly thought that there is no point in putting your house on the market over Christmas – or indeed any time after Mid-November, as everyone is on the wind-down for Christmas. There is no doubt that this used to be the case, and that after the Christmas decorations went up, the sale board may as well have come down… people were too focused on their own plans throughout the festive season, to be thinking about viewing houses, and those who had their properties already on the market, were not keen to allow viewers to visit their houses once they had their decorations up.... Read More